“Kent Frazier’s coaching came at a critical time in my life as husband, father, and professional. He helped me transform the lens through which I viewed these aspects: from compartmentalized competing responsibilities to harmonious reflections of the same individual. He taught me the power of framing, perspective, and the associated tools to reinforce these concepts and seek balance within, among peers, and my greater community. The effects of these methods and teachings were quite simply transformative, helping me thrive as an individual, a colleague, a community member, and a leader. There is no doubt in my mind that my ability to navigate change and increased responsibility both personally and professionally has been propelled with Kent’s help and I do my best to pay that forward to my teammates and other loved ones. My managing and leadership style is anchored in what I learned during my time with Kent, and I know for a fact that my colleagues know that I believe their thriving and well-being comes first. The result is one of the highest performing teams within the company and industry.”

- Marcello Magno, SVP, Marketing & Data Science, LRW

Dave Sackman.jpeg

“The leadership development program that Kent developed for LRW was one of our most effective development programs ever. He helps people become better human beings. And that leads to better performance.”

- Dave Sackman, CEO, LRW

FPZ Headshot Chicago 2 (3).jpg

I met Kent when we both worked at the same firm, he led our team through difficult personnel challenges, led one of the most effective leadership programs I’ve ever participated in throughout my professional career and he coached me personally, when I needed help to regroup and reground my professional life. I consider Kent to be my “go to” coach and a friend. He always offers clear-eyed perspective, wrapped in deep personal concern for my well-being and the well-being of those who live and work with me. What makes Kent effective is that he has the soul of an artist, the listening skills of a therapist and the focus of a business professional. In our work together we set clear goals; explored frameworks that I now use every day and share with others; we assessed our work relative to the goals we set out for ourselves at the end of every conversation. I highly recommend Kent as a coach who can help you, your team and your business achieve at the highest level.

- Frank Zinni, VP, Synqrinus

Brian Lacher.jpeg

“Kent is a muse whose expertise assisted me at a pivotal period in my professional career.  When I first approached Kent about coaching, I was buying my first house, getting ready to have a baby and entering a new job that has a historically low success rate.  Needless to say, it was stressful time and Kent helped me understand my individualities and the traits I had to keep me pointed in the direction of success. Through a series of in person sessions, accompanied with personal training activities, we met weekly to review growth and performance.  After we concluded our formal sessions, I found that I developed a mindset and tools that allowed me to acknowledge my distractions while focusing on the activities and strengths that help me achieve my personal and business goals. Since our training, I’ve become an asset to my team at work and have worked at the greatest efficiency I’ve experienced in my working career.”  

- Brian Lacher, Account Executive, Montage Insurance Solutions

Alene Gabriel.jpeg

“Coaching with Kent allowed me to see how I was showing up in the world (intentionally and unintentionally) and move to a way of being that made me more accessible to and connected with others.  His way of taking me through this understanding was both fierce and caring and created motivation around change instead of resistance to it.”

- Alene Gabriel, Founder, Blue Sky Coaching

Kim Rory.jpeg

“Kent had a huge impact on my own personal growth and happiness in my role.

I’ve been in a management role for 15+ years, and participated in countless management trainings and workshops, each of which ultimately convinced me I was just not cut out to be a good people manager.  That changed after working with Kent, and the lessons he imparted have stuck with me. His approach – helping me understand myself better, and see how my default ways of being, and strengths and drainers, could be used in an effective and natural management style – helped me lean into the good things I bring, and recognize and deal with areas where I’m less comfortable.  Rather than imposing a pet theory or set of rules, he found ways to draw out my honest self-assessment, and worked with me on tough situations with employees. He provided wise counsel on many occasions. Since working with Kent, I’m comfortable and confident doing things that previously scared me (and would want to avoid). Team members I’ve had tough conversations with have thanked me for being supportive and honest, and I’ve seen the difference in my effectiveness in working with a wide range of team members and clients.

Kent also had a huge impact on my organization. He worked with so many of us that we gained a common language and a culture of open, honest conversations around difficult topics.  He understands business, and is able to express himself eloquently, so he brought credibility that allowed him to speak and be heard by the most junior to the most senior levels of the company.   Senior management members seen as cold, critical, or unapproachable, allowed themselves to be vulnerable, leading to a positive loop of better communication, trust, and, ultimately, better work. New managers gained confidence in themselves, and a lens for working with their team in ways that foster mutual trust and growth.

I cannot recommend Kent highly enough as a change agent to help drive positive growth on both a personal and organizational level.”

- Kim Rory, General Manager, LRW

Shaun Collett.jpeg

“Personal development is a lifelong journey. I believe Kent’s framework for helping me (as a student) and my team’s (as a manager) mindset around learning and applying new skills and mental models for growth has made a significant difference in my career success.”

- Shaun Collett, Technology Executive

Michelle Gomez.jpeg

Kent is a kind, generous and compassionate person I have been blessed to collaborate with and be coached by. His personal presence and approach provide a container for honest reflection and self-discovery. I especially appreciate Kent’s commitment to working with the whole person. He was skillful at challenging my thoughts & my habits and helping me find my way back to personal and professional effectiveness. It takes a very practiced coach to be able to challenge with diplomacy that enables self-accountability and break-through thinking, and Kent continues to surprise me with new challenges and new learning every time we work together. I am blessed to have him in my life!

- Michelle Gomez, Director of Learning & Development,
Ghirardelli Chocolate

Josh Dykstra.jpeg

Kent Frazier is one of the most thoughtful, brilliant, and insight-full people I have the joy to know. We’ve had the pleasure to work with each other in many different capacities over the last 5+ years, including in a vendor partner relationship, as co-facilitators sharing the stage, and even as business partners. Without fail, I have come away from our mutual experiences with a greater sense of what is possible in the world at large and with a deeper and broader understanding of myself. I consider Kent a dear friend and an ongoing partner in our collective mission to make the world of work more healthy and life-giving for people everywhere. If you are looking for a trusted partner to work with you in a coaching capacity, to expand the development of leaders, and positively transform your organization, look no further—Kent is the guy you want.

- Josh Allan Dykstra, CEO, Helios

Patty King.jpeg

“I always looked forward to my time with Kent, as the work we did together was not only extremely helpful but also very enjoyable.  He has a wonderful caring way about him and was able to help me to be my best self. I appreciated Kent's ability to provide proper perspective to situations and relationships.  I regard Kent as a valued friend and professional colleague who I will continue to turn to for support in the future.”

- Patty King, VP Restaurant & Retail, Ghirardelli Chocolate


Kent’s work as a coach shines brilliantly at the intersection of his commitment to his own development, his natural, intuitive curiosity, his years of experience in human resources, his creativity as a composer, musician and vocalist, and his love as a father of two young children.

Kent coached me amid simultaneous, life-changing personal and professional challenges. Through unwavering presence and compassionate wisdom, he balanced questions from the heart, concise observations and strategic silences that allowed, invited and guided me toward what I needed (which sometimes wasn’t what I thought I wanted). Kent accepted me exactly as, and met me precisely where, I was and provided an unwaveringly safe space in which I could meet the challenges that my growth required.

Indeed, he helped me discover what was under the covers – to see and hear with increasing clarity whose songs I was singing and which songs were authentically mine.

I feel fortunate to have benefitted, and to continue to benefit from his insight, skill, courage, love and resilience as a coach and as a human being.

- Reggie Marra, MA, PCC, author of Killing America, And Now, Still and The Quality of Effort.

Kimberly White.jpeg

“I had the pleasure of working with Kent when he was the head of the Talent department at my company. I was immediately drawn to his positive energy and infectious smile. Kent is an extremely kind and caring person, and that comes across every time you speak to him. Kent truly changed the energy of the entire organization in a matter of months. I joined a leadership workshop that Kent ran, and he challenged me to shift my focus away from who I felt I had to be and focus my attention on who I wanted to be. Learning to be present and not judge myself allowed me the freedom to move forward in my career, and I learned those lessons from Kent.”

- Kimberly White, Research Director, MMR Group

Eric Asch.jpeg

“Having worked with Kent, I can attest to the thoughtful and deliberate approach the takes to helping people understand, clarify, and pursue their “purpose.” He is an extremely articulate and persuasive communicator, and I saw, firsthand, the impact his work had with others on my team. In particular, my right-hand person became a much more communicative, solutions-oriented, and dynamic leader as a result of Kent’s Executive Leadership training. It made a big difference right away!”

- Eric Asch, EVP, LRW

Mike Clarke.jpeg

“Kent and I worked together actively for several years while he was VP/Talent at LRW.  In this role his impact was transformative. He changed the way we think and the way we talk.  His language (and the ideas behind them) are still active in our day to day work activities. The first major learning and development program he introduced was concerned by many to be the best ever at LRW.  I still use lessons I learned in this program daily.”

- Mike Clarke, EVP, LRW

Erkki Vedder.jpeg

Working with Kent helped to shift a really important and fundamental pattern in me. There were some emotions and self-beliefs I did not want to face (and didn't know that I didn't want to face). This also meant that working with Kent involved a lot of discomfort in facing and befriending these emotions and beliefs. But that was part of the territory - shift happens only after hard and often unpleasant work. These patterns did shift and I have much more openness now in a way I am and express myself. This would not have been possible if I hadn't done this work with Kent. All in all - hard stuff, but good stuff!

I appreciate Kent's care and dedication. Even though the work took much longer than initially assumed and agreed upon, Kent was willing to go the whole way. I could see his dedication and care in seeing me go through this change. Thank you Kent. 

- Erkki Vedder, Project Manager