Hey, I’m Kent. Thanks for being here.


I believe human-to-human connections matter most.

And this is where we suffer most… feeling disconnected.

Disconnected from our “true” or “authentic” self.
Not knowing where or how to powerfully take a stand and get into action.

Disconnected from our most important relationships.
We feel threatened, isolated, abandoned and as if we don’t belong.

Disconnected from our work.
We drudge through our days dreaming about a better life… someday.

How do I know? I’ve been there, personally.

AND this isn’t about me.

standing feet.jpeg

I’m here to take a stand for the future that you most want to create.

I’ve stood with and for thousands of people
over my life and career.

I have stood with and for others as a recruiter, as an HR business partner, as a corporate learning executive, as the head of HR, as a coach, teammate, friend, sibling, son, husband, and father.

When we work together, you’re selecting a partner who is working with you on behalf of your most important commitments. Commitments that you have made to yourself, to the most important people in your life, and for your career or your “life’s work”.

I bring my full breath of experience — the triumphs and the lessons —  to help guide you toward the career, the life, the person you want to be. Over the past 25 years I have been immersed in leading the “people practices” within early stage start-ups, mid-market high growth, and Fortune 150 organizations.

Sounds fancy, right?

Well, during those same 25 years I have also been fired, laid-off and quit. I’ve gotten married (and divorced) twice. Earned Master Integral Coach™ certification. Dealt with depression, anxiety and an addictive personality. I rode the dot com bubble… until it burst. Started two chapters of Conscious Capitalism, leveraging the power of Capitalism to elevate humanity. Friends and family have died from cancer. My two beautiful children were born. And my heart has broken open in love and loss too many times to count.

And somewhere along the way I learned that we must continuously develop new ways of seeing ourselves and the world around us. The ways we live, work, and play are always changing, inviting us to maintain a “beginner’s mind” or “growth mindset” in order to keep pace with a rapidly evolving world.

In both my own developmental work and while working with leaders in their fields, I have come to understand that
we are our own biggest impediment to achieving our most desired outcomes. Or shall I say, our current way of being is what gets in our way most often.

This is simply the nature of transformational work.

It is called transformational as we find our current way of being no longer serving us. At these moments, we must undergo a metamorphosis as we learn to let go of our tried and true ways and develop new capacities and competencies in order to continue forward in new, more powerful, more connected, and more effective ways.

sunlight breakthrgouh.jpeg

And yet… I don’t have the answers for you.

What I offer is a safe container and approach for adult development that guides you through your own discovery to arrive at a wider perspective. From this widened perspective you are able to identify and try some new moves, giving you an embodied new way of being, which leads to your most inspired outcomes.

In order to achieve results that we have never achieved before, we must become leaders that we have never been before.

One of my absolute favorite ways of being in the world is to take a stand for someone from the voice of their desired future, and to watch them make it their reality.

How May I take a stand with you?